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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
One can be victorious in every battle
after one has understood the principles.

Be certain of your determination before
you confront and prepare for your
relationship to take a very different form.


Sun Tzu said:

When positioning one's forces and
observing the enemy's movements,
take note of the following:

Strategies for warfare in mountainous regions
When advancing, avoid mountains, keep to the valleys, stays on high ground and do not climb up in order to challenge.

Strategies for warfare in river areas

After crossing a river, go on shore quickly to prevent opponents taking advantage. If opponents are also coming ashore, attack only when they are landing.


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When one is anxious to fight, do not be seen waiting for the opponents by the river bank. Wait for them on a higher position, ashore. Never fight the enemy upstream.

Strategies for warfare in marshy terrain
When crossing marshy terrain, do so with the least delay. When fighting in marshy ground, stay near the grassy banks. It is better, if there are trees behind you.

Strategies for level ground warfare
Level ground is easy to occupy. Put heights behind and to the right, so that danger is in front and the rear is secure.

One can win every battle.
After one has understood the
principles behind these four kinds of warfare.

Determining Enemy's Strategy
Sun Tzu said:

If enemy forces appear undisturbed when approached. Are well positioned and protected.

Opponents who are near and yet calm
Presume they are formidable.

Those who are distant and provoking
Want others to advance.

Those who occupy an accessible location
Believe they have advantage.

When movement in forest
Enemy troops are nearby.

When obstacles lying among the wild grass
Something is amiss.

When birds suddenly take flight:
Ambush is coming.

When animals rush out of their haunts
An attack may follow.

When clouds of dust rise high
Chariots are coming.

When clouds of dust are low level
Soldiers on foot are marching forward.

Those who are about to advance
Speak humble and yet increase their preparations.

Those who are about to retreat
Speak evasively and yet push provocatively.

Those who are about to deploy
Send out light vehicles early to occupy the flanks.

Those who are executing a scheme
Call for a truce without proposing an agreement.

Those who have reached their deadline
Deploy their strategy with hurried movements.

Those who are attempting to entice
Are partially advancing and partially retreating.

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Determining Opponents Vulnerability
Sun Tzu said:

Those who stand using their weapon for support:
Are hungry.

Those who water carriers drink first: Are thirsty.

Those who see an advantage but do not advance:
Are troubled.

Where birds gather: It is deserted.

Those who are clamorous at night; Are fearful.

Those who have desertion:
Have incompetent commanders.

Those who move banners and flags about:
Are disorganized.

Those who officers are easily angered: Are tired.

When horses feed on grains and troops on meat and do not hang their cooking pot: Are desperate.

Those who always gather in close groups whispering and murmuring: Sense problems.

Those who are hard press: Have repeat rewards.

Those who are in distress: Have frequent penalties.

Those who are extremely unrefined:
Are initially ferocious and fearful of others later.

Those who send generous message:
Long to take a rest.

During intense strategic confrontation where one may face each other over a long period, without engaging or retreating; careful observations are essential.

A strategy is not enhanced by numbers.
An advantage comes not merely by force.
It is enough to foresee and match the enemy's
strength, to take hold of them and end it.

Those who think
that their opponents are easy
without making careful calculations.
Are certain to be captured.


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