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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
Better prepare for confrontation
than hope that the enemy will not come.

Better ensure one's defense is impenetrable
than hope that the enemy will not attack.

Nine Variations
Sun Tzu said:

When the commander received an order to prepare
for war, he has to assemble the troops.

 1.  In obstructed situations, do not seek shelter

   2.  When moving on open grounds, negotiate

   3.  In isolated situations, do not lingers

   4.  In surrounded situations, plan for an escape

   5.  In desperate situation, fight till the end

   6.  There are some paths that should not be taken

   7.  Avoid confronting some minor battle

   8.  Avoid attacking certain fortified areas

   9.  There situations that should not be contested


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If the ruler's orders do not favor the ongoing war, ignore them.

A commander, who understands the advantages in the nine variations, knows how to execute a strategy.

Those who do not know,
cannot gain advantage from any situation.

Combination of advantages and disadvantages

Sun Tzu said:

In a controlled strategy those who do not know the theory of the nine variations despite knowledge of the five advantages, cannot succeed in employing others.

Therefore, those who can strategize smartly are certain to combine the advantages and disadvantages to overcome adversity.

Anticipating Opponent
Sun Tzu said:

Those who bend other leaders, do so by means of disadvantages.

Those who tax other leaders, do so by means of activity.

Those who hurry other leaders, do so by means of advantages.

Therefore, in executing a good strategy, better be prepared rather than assuming that they will not come. Lie in wait for their appearance.

Better ensure one's defense is impenetrable than presuming that they will not attack. Appear in a place they cannot attack.


Five Weaknesses in Commanders
Sun Tzu said:

All commanders may have five common weaknesses.

  1. Those who fight to die, are often killed

  2. Those who are afraid to die, are often captured

  3. Those who are quickly angered can be ridiculed

  4. Those who are honorable can be insulted

  5. The deeply emotional can be harassed

These five weaknesses are common among leaders. They pose a threat and will be catastrophic when a strategy is executed.

When an army is defeated and a leader destroyed. It is certainly cause by the five weaknesses and must be carefully avoided.

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