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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
Those who are victorious, knows before-hand
how to calculate the direct and indirect.

Those who are skilled in the use of strategy;
evade when enemy sprit is sharp
and confront when idle.


Direct and Indirect Tactics
Sun Tzu said:

Troops that have received orders to be assembled, gathered and sheltered are united and oriented.

Nothing is more difficult than engaging an assembled force, directly. Hence, take the indirect route: lure others by holding out advantages.

Use short-cuts to a long and winding route and arrive before your opponents. Make indirect as direct and adversity act as advantage.

In fighting for favorable conditions, be wary that what is advantageous can be dangerous.

Hence, those who can calculate
have mastered the direct and indirect.



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Avoid Competition
Sun Tzu said:

An army advancing together with all equipment and supplies cannot move fast, while without it, they can move faster but risk losing their provision being captured.

Although the troops are lighter, speedier and cover greater distances without rest. They soon become disorganized because the strongest will move faster and arrive at the battle field first and the weary later.

In the end, only one tenth of the troops will arrive at the battlefront before the others and will be impossible to win a hastily fought battle -resulting in the best troops being captured.

A force without means of transportation will perish.
 Without supply caravans must lose.
Without provision must lose.


Sun Tzu said:

Those who do not know the plan and schemes of other leaders are not able to prepare for negotiations.

Those who are not familiar with the topography; the forests, mountains, passes and marshes, will not be able to move the troops.

Those who do not employ local guides can never see one's advantage to affect the situation.

Imitation is basic strategy. Move to follow the advantages. Maneuver with the changing conditions. Divide or united to follow the variations in action. During swiftness, be like the wind.

During stillness, be like the forest. During aggression, be like fire. During defense, be immovable like a mountain. In hiding, be as impenetrable as darkness and in ambush strike like thunderbolts.

A good strategy is flexible to changing conditions.

 Victory is assured to those who can fight imitating the images of wind, forest, fire, mountain, darkness and thunderbolts.

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