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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
Those who occupy the place of conflict early
will be in a position to take initiative.

Those who occupy the place of conflict late
must hasten into action troubled.


Sun Tzu said:

Those who arrive early at the place of conflict
will be in a position to take initiative.

 Those who arrive late
must hasten into action troubled.

Thus, those are skilled in conflicts
will make the first move to
prevent others from taking initiative.

  • Use baits to attract enemies to the place where one wants them to go.
  • Threaten the enemies to prevent them from going where they want to go.



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  • When opponents are at ease, agitate them.
  • When they are well fed, starve them.
  • When they are still, move them.
  • Move first to locations where they must hasten.
  • Hasten to locations they do not expect.

Those who can travel a thousand miles
without problem, travel where others
are not situated.


Confuse the Opponent
Sun Tzu said:

Those who are sure of victory capture what is attacked and attack locations that are not defended.

Those who advances are unstoppable, forge ahead with illusion. Those who retreats cannot be pursued are too fast to be reached.

Challenge an opponent, despite high walls and deep moat; challenge when opponent must engage. And attack a location the opponent is force to rescue.

Challenge when the opponent is unable to engage. Therefore, we are focused and act as one, while the opponent is divided.

As a result, we are numerous and the opponent is few, because those who are numerous can always be victorious over those who are few.

The ability to divide the enemy at the right time and place and launch an attack with all one's might, put oneself in a winning situation.



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Reducing the enemy's numbers
Sun Tzu said:

The location to initiate a challenge must not be made known therefore our enemy must prepare in many places and will have few troops at the location where we can initiate a challenge.

Even when opponents are numerous they can be subdued. Through their maneuvering, learn their calculations for gains and losses.

  • Through their action, learn their policies for movement or silence.
  • Through positioning, learn their area of desperation and security.
  • Through contact, learn where they possess surplus or inadequacies.

Through measuring the strategy of others
it is said that victories can be managed.


Strategic Positioning
Sun Tzu said:

The ultimate positioning strategy is to be without an apparent position. Without position, the best intelligence is unable to spy and those who are clever unable to plan.

Positioning should be a reaction to infinite variations and work out according to the changing conditions.

Just as water has no fixed form, strategic positioning evades reality and confront through illusion. Therefore, strategy follows the opponents and systematically be victorious.

As water has no absolute position. The strategy has no absolute direction. A genius tactician is someone who can win according to the changing conditions of the opponents.

A good strategy is as versatile as the five elements; metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Wherein non of them is absolutely dominant.

There are no hard and fast rules on good strategy.
It has to be as versatile as water, which changes
course according to the ground.

There is no formula for good positioning.
Always avoid the powerful and attack the weak.

Be ever ready to change strategy according
to the changing conditions of the opponent.


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