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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
Open confrontation will trigger
over-powering resistance. Thus the key
to victory is the ability to use surprise tactics.

The position of victory is one of determination.
The position of defeat is un-preparedness.


Formation Strategy
Sun Tzu said:

Managing the numerous
is similar to managing a few.
It is a matter of communications.

A contest with the numerous
is like a contest with the few.
It is a matter of masterful positioning.

The entire force must be able to act
on the opponent without losses.
It is a matter of surprise.

The victory that comes from a strategy
is like an egg thrown against a rock.



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The Nature of Surprise
Sun Tzu said:

In conflict, direct confrontation will lead to engagement and surprise will lead to victory.

Those who are skilled in producing surprises will win. Such tacticians are as versatile as the changes in haven and earth.

And as inexhaustible as the flow of a great river or like the sun and moon, appearing and disappearing and the four seasons, one cycle after another.

They are like the five music notes; combinations that produce endless melodies, like the five colours: mixture that produces a variety of beautiful objects.

In directing a conflict, there is only ambush or direct confrontation. Yet their combinations produce a variation of possible battle plans.

As they rotate and cycle without end.
Who can exhaust them?


Moving the Opponent
Sun Tzu said:

A sudden force can move boulders like charging waters. Perfect timing allows an eagle to pounce on its prey for the kill.

Hence those who are skilled in conflict are like an arrow on a drawn bow, ready to be release, at the opportune moment.

The coming and going; blending and merging; chaos and tumult. All seems to make the confrontation disordered, yet there is no disorder.

Apparently disorder is a product of control and fear is a product of courage and vulnerability a product of possession.

Control or disorder is a matter of analysis. Courage or fear is a matter of direction and possession. Vulnerability is a matter of positioning.

Skillfulness in moving an opponent comes from positioning the opponent that is compelled to follow and gifts for the opponent that is compelled to take.

Through the promise of gain,
an opponent is moved about,
while the team lies in wait.


Sun Tzu said:

Good tacticians who are skilled in conflict seek to direct others.

He employs competent men who are like rock in directing, that remain stable when on a flat surface and roll when placed on a slope.

Those skilled in conflict who direct through others,
seems to charge like round boulder
as if falling down a cliff.

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