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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Tzu said:
With skillful positioning,
defeat or victory is apparent to
everyone well in advance of any confrontation.

Those who are skilled in conflict
establish a situation that cannot be defeated.


The Power Defense
Sun Tzu said:

Those who were skilled in conflict
put themselves beyond defeat
and lie in wait to defeat the enemy.

To secure against defeat
depends on the blunders and
opportunity created by the enemy.

Therefore, those who are skilled in conflict can secure themselves against defeat, since it is the enemy who provides the opportunity for victory.


Hence, it is said:



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  • One may know how to win, but no one can be sure of victory

  • Those who are not sure of victory should defend

  • Those who are sure to win may attack

  • Defend when chances of victory are unsure

  • Attack when you have sufficient power

Those who are skillful in defense are as invisible as the lowest underground.

Those who are skilled in attack can move like the highest haven giving the opponents no chance of escape.

Therefore, those who are skillful in defense
will win when they are ready to attack.



Victory with no effort
Sun Tzu said:

Those who are aware of victory when it is obvious to everyone, do not have excellent skills.

Those who win during conflict while everyone congratulate, do not have excellent skills.

To lift an autumn leaf is not an act of great strength

To see the sun and moon is not an act of sharp sight

To hear a thunderclap is not an act of good listening

Those whom the ancient ones called
skilled in conflict are never praised.

They win because they have the
confidence and ability to win.



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Positioning with no error
Sun Tzu said:

Those who win because they are skilled in conflict are not honored for cleverness or credited with heroism.

They win because they have made no errors. Those who have made no errors have arranged for victory.
A victory over those who are already defeated.

Therefore, those who are skilled in conflict,
 establish a situation that cannot be defeated,
and miss no opportunity to defeat their opponent.


The art of strategies

Sun Tzu said:

Winning tactician are certain of victory before seeking a challenge. Bad tactician are certain to challenge before seeking a sure victory.

Those who are skilled in the use of strategy will spell out his objectives clearly. Hence victory or defeat can come through 5 strategic actions:

1. Measuring distances
Geography give rise to measurements of distance

2. Estimating costs
Measurements give rise to estimation of costs

3. Analyzing strengths
Estimation give rise to analysis of strengths

4. Calculating chances
Analysis give rise to calculation of chances

5. Planning victories
Calculation give rise to the plan for victories

A winning strategy is like a pound balance against an ounce. A losing strategy is like an ounce balance against a pound.

Those who are victorious fight like
pent-up waters that seem to burst
down a gorge from high above.

Such a position can defeat any opposing force.


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