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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
With advance information, costly mistake can
be avoided, destruction averted, and the way
to lasting victory made clear.

Subtly, very subtly, do not
neglect the use of intelligence.


Sun Tzu said:

It cost the people and government a lot of money every day to maintain a strong army.

Daily life disrupted and many citizens and families will be affected.

Armies fight for years just for the moment of victory.

Those who do not have knowledge
of the enemy because they begrudge
a hundred pieces of gold or an official
promotion are the cause of inhumanity.

A commander who does not want to buy information is not a good leader, hence, can never win in battles.



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Foreknowledge enables a wise ruler and good commander to be victorious, and produce useful achievements for the people.

Foreknowledge cannot be obtained through spirits, supernatural, nor superstitious means. It cannot be projected through effort, nor verified through measurements.

They can only be obtained
from those who have a through
knowledge of the enemy's conditions.


The five types of spies
Sun Tzu said:

Wise rulers and capable commanders win because they have advance information abut the enemy.

1. Local intelligence use natives to show the way

2. Inside intelligence use officials in the enemy court

3. Counterintelligence use bought over enemy spies

4. Deadly Intelligence working to deceive outwardly and knowingly directs the spy to pass it to the enemy

5. Secure intelligence spy who can return safely to make report.

When all five intelligence occur together and none know the method: is called the divine intelligence, a valuable asset to any ruler.

None is more trustworthy than the intelligence force. None should be better rewarded than the spies and those who can work in great secrecy.

Intelligence cannot be employed without enlightenment and intuition nor can it be used without humanity and generosity.

The work of intelligence cannot succeed without subtlety and ingenuity. Therefore, subtly, very subtly, the use of intelligence must not be neglected.

Before espionage plans are carried out.
Those who discuss it beforehand and
those who listen are both dangerous.




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Sun Tzu said:

Before attacking an objective, capturing a city, or destroy another, first find out who are the leaders, their aids, secretaries, servants and spies that can be bought over.

In this way, counterintelligence is obtained and employed.

Of the five categories of spies, converted spies are the most valuable and effective in gathering information. Hence, they must be treated generously.

The rise of Shang Dynasty - BC1766-1122 was to Yi Yin in the Xia Dynasty - BC2205-1766 a converted agent for Shang.

Similarly, the rise of Zhou Dynasty - BC1122-770 was due to Lu Ya, an official in the court of Shang Dynasty.

Only wise ruler and brilliant leaders who are able to conduct intelligence with superiority and cleverness, are certain to achieve great results.

Intelligence is the most important work, because
the entire force relies on it for every move.

It is the essence of strategy.


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