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Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War
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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
If you cannot bring changes you need to
your relationship with your environment.

You must execute a decisive thrust to
push you elsewhere to another environment
where you can find what you required for
your growth and happiness.


Attack by fire

Sun Tzu said:

  1. Burn the enemy troops

  2. Burn their provisions

  3. Burn their means of transport

  4. Burn their arsenal

  5. Burn their routes

The conditions must be right and equipment ready before launching a fiery attack. There are proper seasons and special days to start a fire easily.


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The best season is when the weather is hot and dry. The best days depends on the constellations, the winds, the sieve, the wall, the wings and the chariot.


Variations of Fire Attack
Sun Tzu said:

If a fire is started on the inside, respond from the outside.

If a fire is started and the strategy is silence, hold back and do not attack.

If a fire has exhausted it strength, pursue if there is opportunity, stop if there is not.

If a fire can be started on the outside, do not wait for a time to start it inside.

If a fire start upwind, don't attack downwind. In the daytime the wind may last but at night it may stop.

Commanders must understand
the five fiery variations in order
to analyze his defense.


Decisive Techniques
Sun Tzu said:

  • Attack only to win
  • Don't move if there is nothing to gain
  • Don't send troops if winning is impossible
  • Don't go to war unless the situation is desperate
  • Challenge to win and attack to take control
  • Do not move unless it is advantageous
  • Do not execute unless it is effective
  • Do not challenge unless it is critical
  • If engagement brings advantage, move. If not stop.

An intense view is not a reason to declare war on the spur of anger.

An angry leader is not a reason to initiate a challenge, because an angry man can become happy. And one in deep grief can become contented.

An extinct organization cannot cycle back to life. A good ruler is prudent and a good commander is on guard.

This is the way to secure peace and security. Because, war concern life and death and the organization fortunes.

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