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ISP suspend email access without notification
based on skimpy complain and don't care if your email
address was Hijack by spammers sending fake...

Read Swami Bob's article
You're Busted! Arresting the SpamCops

If you have been a victim of erroneous or false spam complaints or know of someone who has, you can file a victim report (Google on where to file false spam report for a list of sites), have it posted or read about other victims story. See: Email Rage


ISP have been know to suspend an Internet account based on skimpy--valid or not--spam complain, they usually don't bother to check it-out.

You are recommended to check with your ISP regarding: their spam policy, access suspension policy, respond time policy, hosting, etc.--if you are uncomfortable with their reply or seems evasive, change your ISP as soon as possible.

Many ISPs also suspend email access without notification based on skimpy complain and don't care if your email address was Hijack by spammers sending out spam with a fake (your) email domain.

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Or whether people that have forwarded an interesting newsletters article with your advertisement containing links to your website--you are considered to be a spammer by spamcop--even when the message header have absolutely nothing to do with you--as long as there is a link to you, you are spamming.

What do you do with hoax or suspicious emails or phishing scams?

If the email appears to be from PayPal, eBay, your bank, broker, ISP, telephone or electric company, Better Business Bureau, etc., asking for confidential details, it's a scam. Reputable companies will never ask for your password. Forward the email to the company in question; they will appreciate it.

"Internet Scams, Identity Theft, and Urban Legends: Are You at Risk?"

Unfortunately, as we hear every single day, being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself from dangerous Internet scams, frustrating spam, or devious identity theft... To check on other urban legends and identity theft/Internet scams, visit

You can read about the latest threats making the rounds at 

Submit a complaint about a particular company to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Anyone, can file a complain at spamcop about you spamming them--even without valid reasons, perhaps out of spite, with malicious intention or just for the fun of it.

The complain site at spamcop is just a ROBOT that spits out by the thousands spam warning messages to any ISPs that host an "Innocent" user email domain that was hijack for spamming purpose.

To spamcop, the Innocent by stander is simply just another "casualty-of-war" too bad about that, they don't give a "dammed" at all, your complain to them gets a ROBOT auto-reply anyway.

You can test it out by simply making a spam complain at spamcop with just anyone email message header, together with the message containing a link to your website--about you spamming them (your friend) and see the reaction of your ISPs--if your ISP suspend your account without notifying you, it is better to change your ISP




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