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Any computer can access a SMTP Mail Server to send or receive emails from any location and you can use any PCs to get at the Mail Server...  

Can I use my (desktop) PCs as an email server and bypass my ISP?

Using your PCs as a mail server is a simple process.

All you need is an Internet access account and a mail server program--a freeware version can be downloaded from
PCs mail server

The function of a mail server program is to receive or sent emails from your PCs directly to your recipient's mailbox residing their ISPs mail server without having to go through (bypass) your ISPs mail server.

Mailbox - a character string which identifies a user to whom the mail is to be sent and normally consists of user specifications and host name, ie:


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What are mail (email) servers?

A Mail Server (usually) is a dedicated mail delivery machine that serves other mail server machine by receiving and storing emails for transmission to other computers.

It is independent of your PCs (unless you are using you PCs as a mail server) and sit somewhere in a building--managed by an Internet Service Provider or corporate IT department.



You can use
any PCs to get at the Mail Server to send or receive emails from any location--if you can access the mail server
SMTP or use your own computer as a mail server.
PCs Mail Server

Email servers uses a variety of protocols to communicate with the Internet, however the most common protocols are SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4

SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol a protocol governing email transmission and reception (sending and receiving emails between mail servers)

POP3 - Post Office Protocol Version 3 rfc 1939 Used for delivering messages to mail readers. See SMTP POP3 Error return codes or download rfc 1939.txt file.

IMAP4 - Internet Message Access Protocol Version allows a client to access and manipulate email messages on a mail server and permits manipulation of remote message mailbox and delivering messages to mail readers--or relay the email messages to SMTP mail servers using POP3


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Mail readers or mail user agents allows you to read emails residing in your mailbox on the mail server or download it onto your desktop PCs mail client.

User Agents - A program (ie: Eudora) or editor that let users create, edit, compose, store and send mails to a mail server, polls a mail server for  mails, download and display mails as well as using POP3 to talk to mail servers

MTA - Message Transfer Agent the exchange of mail using TCP/IP is performed by MTA that defines how email messages are transmitted between two users.

Email Daemon - An email software program residing in a mail server that manages incoming and outgoing mails.

See Email FAQs Glossary

Part -2 Page 2 for more information for the followings...

Mail readers, Mailbox, User Agent,
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
NAT Network Address Translation
MAC Media Access Control MAC Address
MTA Message Transfer Agent
Traceroute tool - finds the route packets
Finger program for retrieving Internet user info
Dig tool requests all DNS records for a host/domain
SMTP Relay Verify (checking) tool
Ping Packets Internet Groper
Whois a tool to contact network
nslookup a DNS whois tool that perform forward/reverse DNS queries for a domain
Telnet - A program that allows a user to remotely login
Throughput, MaxMtu, UART, RWIN, MSS,
TTL-Time To Live
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
RFC - Request For Comments
SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol
SMTP return error codes lists
Winsock Error Codes
Port Numbers, Router, Server-time-out,
Mail Host, Mail server, Email gateway
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
UDP - User Datagram Protocol


















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