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Free email filtering software are available for users to delete and returned undeliverable email stimulated as hard bounced to confused...  

I called my customers and reconfirmed that their emails are valid but some still get bounced?

A. It is also highly possible that your customers mail client (ie: Eudora, Outlook etc.) and/or their corporate mail server have filtering device that delete mails with inappropriate wordings (ie: free, $$$, 1-800 etc.) in your mail message: Subject, TO, FROM as well as in the message body that will result in your mails


being deleted or bounced. See Email Filtering

Many ISP are filtering incoming emails based on Subject, TO, FROM as well as in the message body, therefore you may have used inappropriate wordings that result in your mail being deleted.

Mails with the TO address that is different from the actual recipient address, are also subjected to being filtered by recipients ISPs as well as your email domain being blocked or black listed

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Filtering programs are also available for users to auto delete and returned undeliverable emails (stimulated) as hard bounced, therefore, bounced mail may not necessarily means that recipients are non-existence.  
These powerful programs also allows *wildcard filtering for the: Subject line, TO, FROM, email domain and message body, available free-to-try from

If you are using your own PCs mail server


program and your mails got bounced or undeliverable...
Mail Server FAQs

More info Identifying (soft or hard) bounced email failures.
SMTP Return Error Codes


Keep in mind that many email program like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo-Mail, Outlook etc., by default doesn't show the FROM: name that you have input into your email program, it only display to readers the FROM address, so make sure you are not sending with a typical spam like looking email address like this example:
that is as good as telling the recipient or the spam filters "you can delete this mail".


Keep in mind that many email program like Eudora, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Outlook express being
used to receive messages by default don't usually display
the information you have keyed into your email program
"User Information" Name: field


Many recipients
email program will usually display your
"Mail Account" field info at their FROM field (unless they have set their email program to display all headers).
The Mail Account field are the information that will appear in your recipient email program "From" field--so enter relevant  info that entice your recipient to read your message (it is best that you should send a message back to yourself and determine the correct info input that you want your recipients to see).



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