RFC defined ESMTP Status Error Codes.
he first number generally tells whether the server
accepted the command and if it could manage it. -
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New enhanced ESMTP Status/Error Codes
and descriptions defined by RFC Protocol -
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New enhanced ESMTP Status/Error Codes and descriptions defined by RFC Protocol

See ESMTP Status Error Codes Command Group
for data receive reply codes

200  Nonstandard success response

211 System status or system help reply 

214 Help message
A help message for human reader follows.
(Information on how to use the receiver or the meaning of a particular non-standard command)

220 <domain> Service ready
Confirming the connection to your ISP mail server.

221 <domain> Service closing transmission channel
To stop sending email after a QUIT signal is send to your ISP mail server.

250 Requested mail action taken, completed
Your ISP mail server have successfully executes a command and the DNS is reporting a positive delivery.
251 User not local, will forward to <forward-path>
Your message to a specified email address is not local to the mail server, but it will accept and forward the message to a different recipient email address.

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