Email Spam tracking 101 - Meaning of email headers
Email Spam tracking 102 - The many uses of DejaNews
Email Spam tracking 103 - The WHOIS database
Email Spam tracking 104 - A spammer unmasked
Thinking of bulk emailing - Consequences of spamming?
Figuring out fake E-Mail  - Deciphering fake email or posting?

The FAQ's here will help in deciphering which are fake e-Mail or post originated and how to look at email headers and trace it origin?

Information provided here, describes how to find out where a fake post or e-mail originated from, decipher which machine it came from and who (generally or specifically) you should contact?

Greetings and Salutations

This FAQ will help in deciphering which machine a fake
e-Mail or post came from, and who (generally or specifically) you should contact. The three sections to this twelve portion FAQ (With apologies to Douglas Adams :-)) :


Tracing an e-mail message

What computer did this e-mail originate from?


Reporting Spam and tracing a posted message

WWW IP Lookup URL's

Converting that IP to a name

What to do with "strange" looking Web links

Getting a World Wide Web page busted

A list of Usenet complaint addresses

Hoaxes, Fraud on the Internet & The Make Money Fast Posts

Trying to catch the suspect still logged on

Filtering E-Mail BlackMail, procmail or News with Gnus

Rejecting E-Mail from domains that continue to Spam

Misc. (Because I can't spell miscellaneous :-)) stuff

Deciphering which are fake e-Mail and how to look at email headers and trace it origin? Continue Next Page

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