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Customers = profits. All else are overhead.
Brian Bourdon
"eCRM is not about software. It is a philosophy about building customer relationship, good-will and trust.
It is about thinking, communicating, researching, gathering of information and using that information to interact."
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by Brian Bourdon

What is eCRM?
Depending on which vendor you listen to, it is always about the product being able to analyze the customer life-time profitability, purchasing patterns, identify market segments, opportunities and coordinate customer contact channels.

Corral sales leads, measure service quality, improve brand loyalty and turn leads into gold as well as many capabilities of their product offering. Let's talk straight...
A lot of people think eCRM solutions is a box of software that they can expect to plug-in, turn it on, prioritize, codify, identify the most desired customers and reap customer loyalty; is in for a surprise. Neither does eCRM equates to automation of sales, service or support.  
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eCRM Solutions
Customer relationship is not about software.

In fact, eCRM solutions cannot be purchased because it is a philosophy, which comes from the management of the company.

  • It is about commitment to build relationship, trust and good-will.
  • It is about communicating, researching, thinking and gathering of information.
  • It is about deploying a tool, to add value to existing relationship.
  • It is about informing and sharing of information with customers and using those information to interact properly.

Simply defined
eCRM is the process of acquiring, retaining and growing profitable customers to establish a dialogue with your customers, to understand and anticipate their evolving individual needs and maximize the life-time value of this relationship.

Deploying eMail CRM
The Internet and real-time communication media tools had forced and dictate changes in the way we work and interact.

Thanks to today's technology, we can now do this on an industrialized basis for tens of thousands, even millions of customers by way of eMail CRM to improve customer service and satisfaction.

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  1. Customers generate profits, all else are overhead. Be customer focus to obtain the full life-time value from every customer and treat customers the way you'd want to be treated.
  2. All business begins and ends with the customer. In business, there is only one asset: Customers.

    Therefore the only real measure of your business success is satisfied customers, all else are distractions.
  3. Winning and keeping customers.
    Marketing can catch the customer but interaction relationship keeps them -- it is the only path for long-term profitable business survival. 

    Don't change your customers, change the way you manage 1to1 relationship.



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eMail CRM maximized the
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my customers.
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