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Thank you, for your interest in our MailsBroadcast eMail CRM International Partners, Resellers and Affiliates Program.

Our distribution programs are for: Professional, dedicated SOHO working from home or those--who wants to take advantage of new profitable business opportunities and providing eMail Customer Relationship Management solutions that incorporate eMail CRM

As a valued business partner, you have the benefits of profit-sharing and significant product discounts for resellers and affiliates'.



If you'd like to get started right away, please complete this application form and we will be contacting you shortly.

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Freeware to help you manage bounced, returned
or undeliverable email.

Available at: www.bouncemailmanager.com

ISPs are know to block or barred email domain for sending non-existing mails to their account holders repeatedly, because spammers often uses software to bulk generate email addresses for spamming.

It is recommended to delete mails from your database after being bounced 4 to 6 times.

4 to 6 times?
A bounced does not necessarily means that they are invalid--due to various reason like; inappropriate message header, busy mail servers, filtering devices that stimulate a "Hard bounced", auto responder, mailbox full or busy, server timeouts, concurrent connection limits, etc.

If you are getting one or more error messages like; 501, 502, 503--refered to as "Hard or Soft bounce". The usual source of failed mailing is that many ISPs mail server have requirements for outgoing (From:) or return (Reply To:) email address, etc.

Most of the time, bounced are due to your mail server identifying itself as an internal mail, for example: or by using invalid email in the REPLY TO: or FROM: field, web-based email with no MX Records or the FROM: field email address being different from the login IP address, etc.

Undeliverable or bounced mails are not necessarily invalid, why did mail servers bounce them in the first place?

There are many cases where customers had reconfirmed that their emails are valid, yet they were bounced. Most bounced can be avoided--for full info about bounced and how to overcome it... visit: http://www.bouncemailmanager.com


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