Gain Sales Through Incentives
Getting Out Of The Shadows
How To Create A Dynamic Sales Letter

Getting Out Of The Shadows

If you feel that your small business is constantly stuck in the
shadows of large enterprise then niche marketing may just be the answer. Competing against deep pockets with a modest budget can get discouraging but niche marketing enables you to create a strong business presence that can out perform even the big guys.

While some believe that marketing to a small focused group limits your sales, most niche marketers are finding that developing a narrow focus creates a loyal clientele and more importantly repeat business.

So instead of marketing to everyone look at your prospective
buying audience and define it to a smaller group of people. For
instance, instead of selling books to everyone, define your
market to cooks and then sell cookbooks.

This pulls your business out of the shadows of the large conglomerates like Amazon Books or Barnes and Nobles and creates a defined expert business for which hobby cooks can relate. In this situation it would give the cook looking for the "next best cookbook", the knowledge that you are taking the time to find the best for her or him.

Your bookstore is not just a maze of books for which the buyers must sift through endless volumes to locate what she would like to purchase.

As a niche business you would constantly be on the look out of the next best cookbook and make that information readily available to your buyers. In contrast, the large bookstore would simply point you to the correct aisle and leave you to find it on your own.

Why Niche Marketing?

People naturally gravitate to groups that reflect their own
interests. It feels friendlier and we naturally assume these
people understand us better.

This is the philosophy behind niche
marketing. You are making a narrowly defined audience more
comfortable with you and your business than the large, impersonal corporation. In effect you are building friendships out of clients rather than assigning numbers to your clients.

In most situations buyers relate to this type of customer service and attention. In your environment, the customer belongs, fits in and will be welcomed.

In a society where we can now do everything at the grocery store short of buying a new car, customers are welcoming the return of personalized service and attention. Niche marketing provides this.

About the Author: Copyright, Rozey Gean, All Rights Reserved Worldwide  Rozey Gean is the founder of Marketing-Seek.com where Writers, Publishers and online Entrepreneurs gather resources and build exposure. Web: http://www.marketing-seek.com or Send an email rozey @marketing-seek.com

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How To Create A Dynamic Sales Letter
That Will Sell Your Products Again And Again

Writing an effective sales letter can take hours for even the most experienced writer. A good sales letter must contain specific components in order to deliver a dynamic message and demand for immediate action.

Being the most intricate part of your direct mail package, many entrepreneurs tend to overlook many of the most obvious objectives that must go into the sales letter. By eliminating any of these important elements, they do not achieve the results they set out to accomplish.

The following are proven components that must be incorporated into each and every dynamic sales letter you create:

1. Personalize It
The most important rule of thumb in creating your sales letter is to personalize it. Make it warm and friendly, as if you are speaking to the recipient one-on-one. Make sure you use the prospectís name several times throughout the letter to make it even more personal.

For the highest level of effectiveness, create your sales letter using the merge mail feature of your word processing software.

This feature allows you to create the letter entering blank fields where personal information will later be merged together from a separate database. You can utilize the same letter for hundreds or thousands of clients, personalizing each one.

Create an atmosphere in your letter that leads the reader to assume he/she is the only one receiving the letter. This basic tactic will assist you in building trust and rapport with each client, as well as lead the prospect to believe that he/she must take action.

Sales letters can prove much more effective than the most dynamic brochure or flyer you pay hundreds of dollars to have designed and printed. Why? Brochures and flyers tend to send out a message that they are geared toward a massive group.

An effectively written, dynamic sales letter creates an air of personalization that makes the reader feel that he/she is being singled out as the sole audience. It shows that you have taken a personal interest in that specific individual to whom it is addressed.

While brochures and flyers are received as cold, massive marketing materials, sales letters can shed a different light on the way your prospective clients view you.

2. Make It Interesting
Length is often a major concern of the writer. In most of our marketing lessons, we are taught that less is more. However, in compiling a highly effective sales letter we take exception to the rule.

The longer, the better . . . that is if you have the gift of gab! People will take the time to read long sales letters if the content is dynamic and interesting enough to hold their attention.

While the letter is long, keep the paragraphs short so that you do not lose the reader. If they letter is boring, dull, and full of long, lifeless paragraphs, people will not read it. Thus, creating this powerful marketing tool is an art within itself.

3. Donít Sweat the Grammar
One comforting rule in writing the sales letter is that you are free to be lax with the grammar rules.

You should exercise caution in spelling and certain grammatical elements; however, it is common to see dangling participles and sentences ending with prepositions, as well as partial phrases joined by leaders and hyphens.

The sales letter is an opportunity for the writer to become creative, grab the readerís attention, and captivate him through the P.S. of the letter.

4. Include Testimonials and Success Stories
Testimonials and success stories are excellent elements for cementing your reputation. Use them where they fit in best. People like to see what you have done for others and how others have benefited from your products and services.

Testimonials promote encouragement to others who might be on the verge of buying but may be just a tiny bit skeptical of doing so. These positive remarks can provide an extra nudge to get them to act immediately.

5. Convince Them They Need and
Must Have What You are Offering

Getting the readerís attention will be futile if you fail to convince the reader why he/she needs what you have to offer. People are motivated by fundamentals such as guilt, beauty, health, etc.

Those things which motivate them to feel they have all the symptoms of what you are offering is sure to cure. You can certainly capture their attention by introducing them to what you are selling, but you must hold on to them by convincing them of why they need and must have what you are selling.

6. Extend an Invitation for a
Special Offer if They Act Immediately

Always extend an invitation to the reader to take advantage of a special offer or discount if he/she acts immediately! It is human for us to procrastinate. By making an offer the reader cannot refuse, it will reduce the chances for procrastination.

Phrases such as, Offer expires in 30 days or Save 25% by acting within 10 days send a message to the reader that he/she must act now! If possible, give away something free with the initial purchase. On many occasions, the individual who may otherwise not order will act upon a free offer!

7. Ensure the Prospect Your
Products and/or Services are Guaranteed

If at all possible, let the prospective client know that if he/she is not satisfied a full or partial refund, replacement, or some remedy is available. This will also help ensure that you are for real and that you actually believe in what you are selling.

8. Extend Payment Options
and Clarify Ordering Instructions

Be sure to accommodate your prospective clients by extending payment options and clarifying ordering instructions. If the prospective client has to search through your materials to find out how to order, he/she is less likely to follow through with the order.

Now, it is time to begin developing your own dynamic sales letter! Try it out for yourself and see what you can do.

If you are skeptical of your own abilities, start out slow and develop a test market for your initial letter comprised of a few friends and fellow entrepreneurs who are willing to critique your letter and offer suggestions.

Do not give up! Keep on revising and developing your letter until you have created a dynamic and effective sales tool that will achieve results again and again!

About the Author: Copyright, Rozey Gean, All Rights Reserved Worldwide  Rozey Gean is the founder of Marketing-Seek.com where Writers, Publishers and online Entrepreneurs gather resources and build exposure. Web: http://www.marketing-seek.com or Send an email
rozey @marketing-seek.com

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