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Increase Sales By Being Your Own Customer

Get New Business from Old Clients

Sell With Less Technology...More YOU

Sell Clients What They Want

Get New Business from Old Clients
Biz-Tips - by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Don't focus all your efforts on getting new clients. A profitable source of income can be getting new assignments from clients you already have.

One way to get your clients
to give more business to you is to make your services available to other people in their company. You will have an advantage because the client is already satisfied with your work.

At the beginning,
it is important to concentrate on what the client hired you to do. Do your best on the project and amaze them with your ability. Then, you can bring up the subject of helping them in other areas and talk about your experience. The client may hire you in another area of your expertise.

You don't want to pressure
clients about giving you other types of assignments. A good way to let clients know what you can do without bothering them is to send samples or photos of jobs completed for other clients. Attach a short note to the cover that says hi or gives a description of the project.


Sell With Less Technology...More YOU
Biz-Tips - by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Many people who sell aren't as effective as they could be.

They're using technology
as a replacement for their sales efforts. Technology should be a support system. YOU are the salesperson. And when it comes to selling to real people, a real sales person can beat anything else.

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Be proactive,
make phone calls, download materials from your website and get them to your prospects. Doing the work for the prospect impresses them and builds trust.

Use your web site
as a reference, but also email, mail, and fax information to people. When you appear to be doing some of the work, prospects are more likely to become customers.

Remember to check
your voice mail often. It's important to return phone calls as quickly as possible so that your customer feels valued and worth your time.

Many of us have
become so wrapped up in technology that we sometimes over estimate our prospects' willingness to use technology.

While technology is a wonderful tool for any business (mine couldn't run without it), give customers a break from technology when you can



Sell Clients What They Want
Biz-Tips - by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Clients want to feel comfortable during a selling process. Just because you might like to be approached a certain way, doesn't mean that your client will. Every client wants to be sold in a way that fits them personally.

There are four common personality types that customers fall into; Expressive, steady, dominating, and analyzers.

Expressive people view the world positively.
They are comfortable socially and like to interact with others. They are often recognition-oriented and seek out situations where they can be the center of attention.

Expressive customers want to be sold by a sales person who shows interest in them as a person. They enjoy presentations that are entertaining and fun, Don't hurry them into a decision! Let them talk while trying to direct them to a mutual agreement.

Steady people are not risk-takers and are often resistant to change. They want to be sold in a way that is non-threatening. They must feel that you are trustworthy and credible. Make sure that you listen to them and are sincere.

People who fall into the "steady" category are positive like the expressives. However, they are more comfortable being behind the scenes, not in the "spotlight".


Dominators are usually very suspicious. They feel that people are out to get them. They don't like wasting time and are eager to get on with things. They often make decisions very quickly and hardly ever change their minds.

A dominating person would be sold by someone who is prepared and organized. A sales person must be direct and get to the point with them. They want a salesperson to respond to their ideas. Make sure that your facts are straight and you provide them with references.

Analytic people expect you to provide them with a lot of information. They want you to be well-prepared and thorough. Make sure that you ask clear, logical questions. Above all, avoid pursuing them, and give them time to think.

People who are
considered "analyzers" are also suspicious. They, however, are very detail oriented. Analyzers are perfectionists and love facts and details. They don't show a lot of emotion, and don't like people who do.

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