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eMail Broadcast FAQ'S
Why am I getting so much spam email?
My AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail email address are valid yet bounced?
Quite a lot of virus notification to me stating that email virus was found in my email sent to such and such email address.
I never sent them and they don't
exist in my address book.
Some of my customers can't read my HTML message?
Spam Checker test tool, will your email pass anti-spam filters?
A victim of false spam complaints; how to file a victim report?
How MX Server Extractors spambot extract email address during MTA message transfer agent communication between mail server?
Spammers are resorting to hijacking ordinary PCs
by installing built-in SMTP spam zombies
Trojans to spam...

My email was hijacked / spoofed and got blacklisted?
Email can be spoofed by tweaking settings on email client
How do I broadcast emails with fake message headers?
What are (email) mail servers?
How to check if your email domain is black-listed?
What are email / mail DAEMON?
I often get disconnected or server-time-out?

How do I make sense of undelivered email error message?

What are Remote IP Address and Local IP Address?

What is an IP address, DNS or email domain address?

Is it spamming, if I broadcast targeted email messages?

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How do I get my email domain removed from the blacklist?
What's the meaning of open relay?
Why recipients don't get my messages immediately?
Are self-sending email spam legal?
Can bulk/mass email marketers overcome blocked mail server
port by using fake IPs/headers or domain with
no MX records?
When I send an email, how does it get to the recipient?
I can't seem to be able to broadcast any emails?
What if my email meets certain criteria, are they spam?
Where can I find the name of my SMTP mail server?
Do I need to clean up my list of undelivered (bounced) emails?
How do I manage and clean bounced or undelivered emails?
My clients email are valid yet they never receive my mails?
Email verifier said my emails are valid, yet they got bounced?
Customers confirmed their emails are valid yet still bounced?
FAQ's related to PCs SMTP mail server at bottom of page
Is it better to send HTML email or plain TEXT?
What are Hypertext Markup Language or HTML mails?
What are "Rich Text Format" or RTF emails?