Credit card payment

Q? Is it safe to shop and give your credit card info via the internet? This is a "hairy" question!

A. Definitely "Yes" buying goods from reputable online stores verified by PayPal is safe. To protect you, PayPal transact through their secure servers and validate it via email to confirm your transaction.

Q? Why do I need to sign-up as a PayPal member?

A. Signing up as a member is the best way to protect your interest, PayPal has verified that "we" the seller exist and if you did not receive what you have paid for, (you)-as a member of paypal will have a venue to file complain for a refund.

If this answer does not resolve your issue and you are unable to find your answer, please email 2consult @ for service, thank you.

Click here >>
and click on the Sign Up button

Select personal account and Country

If your country is not listed in PayPal Click cancel
 and email: 2consult @ 

After signing up, login to PayPal and click
Send Money to: 2consult @

After making payment
PayPal will send an email to notify us that you have made payment, however, email do get lost in cyberspace--please notify us after you have made payment and email:
2consult @, thank you.


When will you receive your License key?
After making payment, your license key will be email to you within 24 hours--(during working hours/days, Monday/Friday). If you don't hear from us within one working day please let us know about it and email to: 2consult @, thank you.


Download again?
You do not need to download another copy of the program, if your earlier copy is working fine--the license key will auto detect the correct paid version.

If you need more information or have any question?
email 2consult @


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