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  There's one thing that time won't change...Trust ...
Customer relationship is like love
What use is information
technology... If we neglect the most mission critical issues in our lives?

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Customers do care about who is delivering the relationship.

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"Leaders who takes on the role of the commander, without understanding the strategy of warfare, invite defeat."

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There's one thing that time won't change... Trust

As market conditions keep changing, no one technology, vendor or methodology is going to help you. You need to know the truth about the only way, you are going to build customer relationship and that is:

People do business with people they know and Trust

Business success or failure is not based on technology. It succeeds or fails, is based on your commitment to focus on the customer. Read More Romancing the Customer.

Customer relationship is like love it's what you do matters.

In life, it's infinitely more rewarding to make our actions felt using interactive email. When you really care, it shows. It shows, for instance, when we interact with our customers and continue to maintain a comfortable relationship.

What shows most of all is what you have said that counts. The thing you do. You care, quietly, but unfailingly, you demonstrate your concern, and touch the lives of your customers.

Take on a friendlier and more contemporary approach via email, so that customers can continue to earn your trust, support and appreciation, that: is success and rewards that goes beyond mere words.

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